How to Keep Your Aging Seniors Active

September 21, 2021


Old age is the time for relaxation after retiring from the hassles of life. However, it is crucial to engage our elders in mild activities for keeping them energetic. Without proper activity, seniors face an increasing risk of both physical and mental issues. Nowadays, elderly groups and clubs are available for our seniors to keep themselves occupied in various activities.

On the other hand, numerous technological innovations are also helping them to lead a safer life. Innovations like elderly monitoring sensors are a boon for people to keep a watch on their elders. These systems are ensuring that parents are up and active today while engaged in any activity. In this blog, read about the activities that can keep your seniors active in their older age.

Challenges of Old Age

During older age, elder members of the family can start feeling lonely. A gradual withdrawal from active social life comes with its challenges. This may manifest in numerous ways. It is a common occurrence due to multiple social and health issues. The family members must identify these issues at an early stage itself. Activity monitoring systems for elderly in the home help identify them easily. Early detection can help in mitigating these issues. Without proper family support, elders may find it difficult to carry out daily routine activities.

The major issues affecting aging seniors include:

Loneliness:  Senior members of the family stop taking part in the important decision-making process in the family. It creates a sense of insecurity and loneliness in them. With the busy schedule of other family members, they often feel left out from the crowd.

Health issues:  The most evident sign of aging is the endless list of health ailments. In old age, most of the body system starts to respond slowly. It may lead to indigestion, hypertension, blood sugar, etc. Without proper monitoring, they may be prone to life-threatening medical conditions.

Issues due to immobility:  Some elders are confined to their homes due to health constraints. This immobility can cause a lot of mental trauma as well. The lack of interaction with their peer group can have a negative effect. Similarly, lack of fresh air also leads to other health issues.

Financial constraints:  During old age, people tend to stop handling financial matters. Even elders with financial backup depend on their family members to handle these aspects. It can cause insecurity and a sense of financial dependence.  

The Best Ways to Keep Your Aging Seniors Active

Aging seniors require your care and attention. Supporting them to live a fulfilled life is crucial. The best way to facilitate this is by engaging them in various activities. An active lifestyle can help them to overcome numerous health issues. According to experts, healthy aging practices can improve overall life expectancy among a population. A perfect mix of mild indoor and outdoor activities can keep them rejuvenated. Even when indulging in these activities, they are prone to falling ill. At this juncture, elderly monitoring sensors can help to keep a watch on them.

Let us explore some activities that can keep your aging seniors active throughout the day. They are,

1. Mild Physical Activity:  Proper body movements are essential for the healthy functioning of the body.  As seniors age, it is crucial to make sure they do some minor to moderate exercises. This includes stretching, leg movements, etc. It can help in proper blood circulation. However, it is important to avoid any intense workout regimes. Walking is probably the best outdoor physical activity for elders. It provides enough rejuvenation for the body without the risk of any injury. Similarly, yoga and breathing exercises are also beneficial for an active lifestyle.

2. Use Technology for Interaction:  Technology is an enabling factor for easy interaction among people overcoming all geographical barriers. Many such technologies are helpful for elders to interact with their friends and family. Platforms like FaceTime, Alexa, Skype, Zoom, etc. facilitate video calling options. These interactions are refreshing experiences for aging seniors. Especially for elders who are confined to their homes, this is a great relief from loneliness.

3. Senior Citizen Social Clubs:  Seniors at your home enjoy spending time with kids and other family members. However, they can bond easily with people of the same age. It is crucial to provide them an opportunity to interact with their peer group. There are various social clubs for senior citizens in every locality. Such senior centers organize various programs for facilitating healthy interaction between elders. Fun-filled activities and experience-sharing sessions them to bond with each other. This provides great stress relief and can keep several diseases at bay.

4. Outdoor Activities like Gardening:  For elders without physical ailments, mild outdoor activities are a way to reboot. Among these activities, gardening is highly recommended. It provides a feeling of self-accomplishment that boosts their confidence. Support them to maintain a small kitchen garden on your premises. Daily activities like watering, weeding, etc keep them active throughout the day. Working with plants and herbs is a good option for booting a positive mental state. If you have space constraints, terrace/urban gardening kits are also available for indoor spaces.

5. Local Volunteering:  Elders are full of knowledge and wisdom acquired through a lifetime. A sort of passive volunteering can help them share this knowledge with the new generation. Organize a small storytelling session at your home or nearby senior citizen club. Elders can share their stories with a large audience. This provides a morale boost to the elder. Senior citizens without any health issues can also help in local charity fundraising events etc. They can easily carry out small tasks that don’t demand any intense physical activity. Such activities would keep them active.

6. Healthy Diet:  Apart from various activities, a balanced diet is important for keeping elders active. With aging, people suffer from loss of appetite. This coupled with lifestyle diseases can limit the intake and absorption of essential nutrients. It is very important to provide the senior members of your family with a proper diet. It should include a lot of healthy food items as per the advice of a dietitian. A balanced diet combined with adequate sleep is essential for feeling energetic throughout the day.

How Safe are Our Elders? - The Case for Elderly Monitoring Systems

While elders engage in numerous activities, it is crucial to monitor their safety and activity level. Lack of proper attention can make them vulnerable to life-threatening mishaps. For caregivers, this can become a big logistical challenge. Companies like ‘Life Alert Emergency Response’ are available to support elders in times of crisis. Nowadays, home-based room monitors like SentryTell for the elderly are gaining popularity. With various advanced features, they are emerging as Life Alert alternatives.

The presence of technological innovations is making these elderly monitoring sensors intelligent and responsive. Recent developments like AI and the Internet of Things are rendering advanced capabilities to such systems. Using these systems, caregivers and family members can actively monitor elders for safety. Monitoring systems for elderly can help to create a safe living environment.


Proper care for elders is a crucial aspect of any family. After living an eventful life, our senior citizens deserve a peaceful life. At the same time, engaging them in leisure activities is also necessary. By consulting experts, family members can help elders in pursuing a hobby suitable for them. These activities keep them active and energetic. But, while doing these activities, their safety is also crucial. Without proper monitoring, their life may be at risk. Systems with elders monitoring sensors are useful in the observation of aging seniors. They are effective Life Alert alternatives for your aging senior.